Sundays • 9AM – 1PM
May 23 – Oct 10
32nd and Lowell • Denver 80211
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Highlands Farmers Market is located in the Highlands Square district in Denver, Colorado. This market’s urban vibe coupled with its dynamic vendor base has become a Denver favorite. Enjoy quality and diversity among our farm and vendor base, a healthy and delicious selection of ready  to consume foods from our trucks and local restaurants and live local music weekly.

Shop for your locally grown fruits and vegetables, meats, eggs, artisan breads, honey, coffee, baked goods, fresh salsas, pastas, natural body care, and massage. We also offer Bloody Marys, Sorbet Mimosas and Craft Beer from our Booze Tent.

Highlands Farmers Market seeks to support Colorado farms and businesses by providing the community with a dynamic and inviting market that is beneficial to both its vendors and customers by emphasizing the importance of buying local products. Our farmers sell Colorado-grown organic, transitional and pesticide-free vegetables. Our orchard keepers bring organic and conventional fruit from Palisades, Colorado.

This market promises you an exciting shopping experience in a friendly, family atmosphere. And shopping locally benefits our Colorado farms, the environment, the community and the economy.

We are sure you will enjoy your visit!

Sponsored by:

Vendors for the season

Farms • Orchards • Flowers • Plants

All of our farms are GMO free.

Health • Wellness • Beauty

  • Healing Grace Massage LLC.

    Massage Therapy and Energy Medicine: I offer a holistic and intuitive approach to the treatment of pain. I am a licensed Massage Therapy Practitioner based in Golden, CO. I believe in the power of healing through intuitive touch. I am an educator with a mission to help others learn how to heal themselves from within.

  • Mountain Soap

    Using only ingredients from nature, we hand craft soap and useful products for outdoor enthusiasts with minimal, reusable, and compostable packaging.

  • Taspenss Organics

    Always at the Market!

    Hemp Cbd and herbal body care

  • Two Ravens Soap Co

    Always at the Market!

    Handcrafted soaps, beard care, bath care, body care and more!

  • Vital You

    Vital you fuses herbal medicine & hemp to create a unique healing experience. Based out of Boulder, CO all of our products are handcrafted from start to finish, formulated by herbalists and made in small batches. Through our knowledge of herbs and botanical blends each of our products are created with a specific intention or ailment in mind. From sleep, sore muscles, to mood + mental clarity we have product for it.

    We take what we do seriously. We are creating a medicinal, healing product with y o u in mind. By this we individually weigh the CBD per bath bomb, we utilize the most organic & natural ingredients possible, and we infuse all of our products with love + intention.

  • Wax Crescent LLC

    Consciously crafted soy wax candles, hand-poured in small batches using the purest ingredients.

Jewelry • Art • Clothing

Packaged & Prepared Goods

  • Bjorns Colorado Honey

    Always at the Market!

    Björn’s Colorado Honey offers local Colorado honey, CBD honey and bee-pollen plus European-made bee-based skincare featuring beeswax, honey, and propolis.

  • Blossom Essentials

    We are a company founded by two sisters in love with the outdoors. I (Olivia) am an avid climber and trail runner and my sister (Jessica) an avid mountain biker and trail runner.

    We found ourselves searching for the perfect snack on the go- something we could eat anytime, anywhere with convenience but without sacrificing the things that are the most important to us- health and sustainability.

    Enter Blossom Bars- a vegan, plant based, gluten free, allergen free, no added sugar, organic, energy packed snack bar- perfect for all of life’s adventures.

    Our three flavors as of now are:
    1. Blueberry Pumpkin Seed Butter 2. Banana Oat 3. Cacao Cherry

    We hope everyone enjoys them as much as we do- they are made with love, intention and the environment (completely sustainable packaging) in mind!

  • Brother Mels Southern Style BBQ Sauce

    Brother Mel’s Southern Style BBQ Sauce. All Natural – no additives. Gluten Free. Fat Free. Not too tart, not too sweet but the perfect balance of tangy to compliment smoked meats and other delectable edibles.

  • Brunas Cheese Bread

    Always at the Market!

    We help our costumers with Gluten Free intolerance, or even those who does not, but are looking for something, quick, easy, nutritional and most important delicious ,by bringing our Freezer to oven Brazilian Cheese Bread. We are committed to using only the finest, hand-picked ingredients, with absolutely nothing artificial. And because our Brazilian Cheese Bread are made with tapioca flour they are also naturally GLUTEN FREE.
    Freezer to Oven and ready in 20min!

  • Chica Chocolate

    Chica crafts chocolate truffles enriched with Chinese herbs to help soothe periods, menopause, and sleep. Chica currently offers three varieties of our chocolate truffles, all handcrafted by us in the back of a chocolate shop in Longmont, CO. Chica Chocolate and Chica Glow are both functional PMS treats that help balance your cycle and ease your period, while Chica Glow also helps relieve the worry of hormonal acne. Chica Chill is a functional chocolate treat that can help ease the transitions of menopause and the strains of stress.

  • Curious Box

    Curious Box offers the best French-Japanese inspired baked goods. Each item is passionately made from the finest ingredients to reflect the best practices of these highly complementary traditions.

  • Denver Bone Broth

    We make high-quality, small-batch sipping bone broth. Locally made here in Denver. We currently offer 32 oz. glass jars of our ‘Essential Chicken’ bone broth recipe. These are sold frozen for peak freshness intended for take-home use. When Covid restrictions are lifted, we would also like to offer hot 8 or 16oz. cups for on-site consumption.

  • Frescos Beverage Corporation

    Latin American Home Style Bottled Beverages $5
    Rosa de Jamaica

    Latin American sparkling Beverages $4
    Rosa de Jamaica
    Cups of the above

  • Garza Farm LLC

    Always at the Market!

    We sell pickles. 7 flavors of cucumber pickles, pickled peppers And pickled green beans. We are always adding different types of pickles to the list.
    We will be adding prepackaged kettle corn to our our products.

  • Golden Root

    Original turmeric latte mix – 6 sachets: $5
    Original turmeric latte mix – 30 serving pouch: $20
    Spicy Unsweetened turmeric latte mix – 6 sachets: $5
    Spicy Unsweetened turmeric latte mix – 30 serving pouch: $20

  • Green Belly Foods

    Green Belly Foods is a Guatemalan foods producer based in Boulder, CO. Our hot sauces are inspired by traditional Guatemalan home-made sauces. They are simple and delicious, packed with flavor and heat, they are a pleasure to have with all your meals. We carefully select the finest ingredients to bring you the fresh, full body taste of Guatemalan foods. We import some of our peppers directly from Guatemalan Mayan Q’eqchi’ farmers. We also produce traditional Guatemalan refried black beans, truly unique and delicious, they are always a huge hit at farmers markets! Breakfast, lunch, dinner – even snacks, are all enhanced with some Green Belly flavor!

  • Kundali Kombucha

    Brewed in Lafayette, Colorado, Kundali Kombucha is committed to creating the most smooth, drinkable, and functional kombucha tea possible. Combining high quality organic ingredients, unique herbal blends, and a love for fermentation, we inspire healthy lifestyle within the community by making health taste good.

  • La esmeralda

    Always at the Market!

    Handmade Tortillas and several salsas

  • Madams Jams

    Madams Jams fly with the seasons and our products are all hand-crafted in either the heart of Evergreen, Colorado or our hometown in Northern Michigan. Our selection of jams & pickles have stirred up quite a buzz, so count yourself lucky if you can get your hands on some 😉

  • Managawan

    What exactly are Managawan (pronounced muh-nag’-uh-wahn)? Ask anyone who’s tried them and they’ll tell you they’re the best hand-roasted nuts they’ve ever tasted.

    Big meaty peanuts with a thin crunchy coating. Not sweet like honey-roasted, and not too salty like a lot of mass-produced snack nuts. Just palette-pleasing peanuts with a crunchy shell that gives each one a unique, savory taste, unlike any other nuts.

  • Maxs Garden Blended Butters

    We infuse the highest quality butter, ghee and oils with organic herbs, spices and other mouth-watering ingredients directly from our backyard garden in Denver and pickle YOUR local, organic tomatoes for your before the first frost so your hard work doesn’t go to waste!

  • Moringa Infusions

    Our raw, living and nutrient-dense organic concentrates are crafted by slowly infusing powerful and adaptogenic moringa leaves, unfiltered apple cider vinegar (with the mother), wild honey (directly from our bees) and other thoughtfully selected and health-promoting herbs, berries and flowers.

  • Mulays Sausage

    Mulay’s Sausage started with Nana’s recipe and now has grown into 6 different and delicious flavors; Chorizo, Bratwurst, Breakfast, Mild Italian, Hot Italian and Killer Hot Italian, meatballs and our new British Bangers and German FRanks!! Our sausage is Certified Gluten Free and more recently, Certified Allergen Free.

  • Oso Rojo Hot Sauce

    Oso Rojo creates hot sauce with Flavor before Spice! All our hot sauces are all natural with no artificial thickeners or preservatives and are vegan and gluten free. Each bottle is hand filled with sauce made from scratch and fresh ingredients. Hot sauce made by a chef for everyday use!

  • Pastamore Gourmet Foods

    Always at the Market!

    Barrel aged balsamic vinegars, olive oil blends, marinades, pastas, and gluten free pastas

  • Peak State

    Always at the Market!

    We are an outdoor inspired coffee company that roasts coffee and infuses it with nutrient-dense superfoods for added health benefits. We sell ready-to-consume hot coffee and packaged freshly roasted whole bean coffee. Our coffee is sustainably grown, bags are 100% compostable, and we are a 1% for the planet company!

  • Phat Dillys

    Spicy dill craft pickles.

  • Sauci Living LLC

    Always at the Market!

    Fresh, gourmet sauces made from the finest ingredients that connect you to cultures around the world. From a a rich, smoky Catalan-style Romesco to a bright Peruvian Ají Verde, a new aromatic Asian Ginger Scallion sauce, and a healthy, functional dessert sauce. All are made with gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan ingredients.

  • Styria Bakery II

    Always at the Market!

    Gourmet breads, Pretzels, Strudel, Scones, Bread Dipping Sauce, and fabulous Sticky Buns!

  • Sweets Sourdough

    Fresh baked artisan bread, specializing in sourdough and pastries including muffins, croissants. etc..

  • The Family Jones

    We are a full distillery and would offer samples of our products and sell our bottles. Here is a list of our distilled spirits

    Jones House Vodka
    Jones House Gin
    Jones House American Whiskey
    Annika Jones Vodka
    Juniper Jones Gin
    Earl Grey Juniper Jones Gin
    Mo Jones Rum
    Pechuga Mo Jones Rum
    Trve Jones Genever
    Atticus Jones Rye
    Ella Jones Bourbon
    Sherry Ella Jones Bourbon
    Automatic Jones Rock and Rye
    Automatic Jones Old Fashioned
    Automatic Jones Cosmopolitan
    Automatic Jones Martini

    Plus we have shirts, hats, beanies, and flasks.

  • The Oil Barn Colorado

    100% Cold pressed organic safflower oil, truffle oil made with safflower oil, Kamut wheat berries fried in safflower oil, Sturdy Girl hand cream made with safflower oil.

  • Winnie Lou – The Canine Co.

    Dog treats & Products for your pup!

Ready to Consume